Preventive Services: Have your Post Press checked and maintained before errors occur.

Above all, an unplanned production stop causes one thing: costs. For this reason, we not only develop the most reliable post press equipment, but also have process optimization and service in mind. Especially in the field of preventive maintenance, there are opportunities in many printing companies to shorten downtimes and save costs. RIMA-SYSTEM Preventive Maintenance now offers customers the opportunityto have their equipment checked and maintained quickly and cost-effectively - before any failures occur.

Comprehensive inventory
from specialists

Consulting regarding
optimization possibilities

Reduction of

Discounts and
reduced sevice costs

Do you have any questions on what preventive maintenance can do for you?

We look forward to receiving your inquiry and provide you with extensive advice on the preventive maintenance of your post press system. Our service department will arrange an appointment have your equipment checked and mainainted before any errors occur.

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