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    Sudden market changes and new wishes from customers often force printers to quickly adapt their current production possibilities. Often this can be achieved by expanding or re-engineering the existing Post Press system. Whether this is because of requests for trimmed production, delivery of the products in logs instead of stacks (or the other way round) or simply because of higher production costs: RIMA-SYSTEM is the right partner for optimizing your Post Press. We ensure that your investments are on target and harmonize them with the requirements of your customers.
    If you instead want to move your existing Post Press or have bought a used line and need it professionally installed, we can offer you the full service of dismantling, moving and re-installing the equipment. We will also make sure that the line is checked and started up on time so your production is ready when you need it.
    Thanks to our big stock of overhauled machines we can make the right combination of new and used machines to complement your line. This will give you the optimum choice for your new or used press.




    After Stibo Graphic in Denmark has expanded his large production capacities with the purchase of a used Lithoman IIIS press it was necessary to find a Post Press solution which would be in line with the total investment. The most sensible choice was a mix of new and used machines combined with existing machines at Stibo.
    In the end the line consisted of a combination of factory overhauled floor- and overhead conveyors in combination with a new RS 840 double-stream trimming line and existing stackers and log stacker. A completely overhauled RS 400 palletizing robot is used to pile down stacks and logs. The customer was positively surprised about the high quality of the overhaul. When the used machines were delivered together with the new equipment it was almost impossible to distinguish them.




    Cox & Wyman


    The english customer Cox & Wyman has increased the efficiency of his existing book printing presses significantly by replacing existing equipment with completely overhauled log stackers and palletizers. An investment in new machines was not necessary in this case and would have made the investment more complicated. The main components of the installation, the vertical log stackers from Civiemme-System, have been completely factory overhauled before shipment. In this case it meant a complete dismantling into their individual parts, a complete cleaning, exchange of all the parts that were damaged or showed wear and tear and a recalibration and readjustment of the machines. These log stackers will again run for many years having a comparable life-time of new machines.


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