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    Aside from a large variety of partly and fully overhauled machines in our stock machines list we also offer to have your own RIMA-SYSTEM and CIVIEMME machines professionally overhauled including warranty if required.

    RIMA-SYSTEM offers "on site"-overhauls and factory overhauls of used machines. After check-up of the machine on site we will give you a list of the parts that have to be changed together with an offer for an overhaul either on site or in the factory.

    The advantages of overhauls done by the original manufacturer are obvious:

    • Trained professionals are doing the overhauls
    • Use of original parts
    • Machines are perfectly setup and programmed by service technicians
    • Extensive functionality test - no unexpected problems during production
    • Parts warranty on complete overhauls
    • No hidden or subsequent costs


    Our service is happy to supprt you in optimizing your machines and your production.
    Please contact us!


    Example #1

    Factory Overhauled RS 3010

    All wear and tear parts have been replaced. The machine has been cleaned and all parts have been tested for full functionality. Parts that failed the tests have been overhauled or replaced.

    OldStacker_IMG_9363 NewStacker_IMG_8129


    IMG_9366 IMG_8137
    IMG_9368 IMG_8145



    Example #2

    Factory overhauled vertical log stacker ST 220

    The vertical log stacker has been completely dismantled prior to overhauling. All parts have been checked, cleaned and replaced by new parts if necessary. Wear and tear parts have been replaced. The result is a machine which is can achieve maximum performance and can rund behind used and new presses for many years to come.

    2011-ST220-before_refurbish-01 2011-ST220-refurbished-27


    Example #3

    Factory overhauled vertical log stacker ST 80

    This non-running machine (the former owner has used it for spare parts) has been dismantled in their individual parts, too. Broken parts and parts showing wear and tear have been replaced by new parts and the machine was extensively tested for full functionality. The frame was completely repainted so the machine is almost like a new machine and will achieve almost the same life-time.

    2011-ST80-before_refurbish-01 2011-ST80_refurbished-04




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