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    ST4000 Stangenstapler


     icon ST 4000 - Automatic Vertical Log Stacker



    Working on a compensating stacker because the budget did not allow to go with the technically correct machine? If a log stacker is the best solution for your needs, you can turn to us - the ST 4000 makes automatic log stacking affordable for all printers! Log separation, end board feeding, log transfer and log strapping - the ST 4000 has automated all these steps. It is the perfect machine for small to midsize presses (heatset, coldset, hybrid) with 8-32p running up to 55.000 cph (up to 64p on slower book or directory presses). With its ability to handle very short logs (400 mm) the ST 4000 becomes first choice in all environments with manual log handling in the bindery. Undisputed are the ergonomic advantages of the vertical log stacking and its superior handling of flimsy tabloid signatures. In addition the
    compact, sturdy design and the flexible configuration allows it to fit in almost every application. The ST 4000 is based on proven technology combined with a state of the art operator interface and a modern PLC allowing remote maintenance and optional gross/net counting. It can be connected to e.g. an PL86 for one-man operation.



    • Infeed with divert gate, stream gapping device, stream aligners and squeeze rollers
    • Fixed head with adjustable belts during installation for a controlled stacking process
    • Self-adjusting descent speed for a controlled and nearly pressure free log building process
    • Automatic endboard feeder and log transport
    • Log front holding bars during compression
    • Automatic Strapping of finished logs
    • Modern ergonomic and robust design, easy operation
    • PLC control system with touch panel


    • Laser counter
    • Remote maintenance and gross/net counting software
    • Dual stream configuration


    Technical Data


    Technical Data


    dickeIcon 8-32 Seiten (64 Seiten bei langsamen Buch- und Katalogdruckmaschinen)
    dimensionaIcon 110 - 320 mm
    dimensionbIcon 200 - 500 mm

    bis zu 55.000 Ex./h


    stangengewichtIcon max. 150 kg
    stangenlaengeIcon 400 - 800 mm (abgepresst)


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