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    The modules of the JOB OPTIMIZER software provide the pressroom manager and the printers with all necessary functions for an integrated and efficient machine set-up, order processing, documentation and evaluation – all based on a digital workflow. It consists of a family of modules which can be used standalone
    or integrated into a complete and customized solution:




    ERP Interface

    Production orders and their sequence are downloaded from a central ERP system.
    Actual order status and finished orders are uploaded together with their production data.



    Order management & execution

    The downloaded production orders are saved in the JOB OPTIMIZER database.
    Specific data necessary for production can be added locally to every order before the order
    (including the production data and machinesettings) is launched to the Post Press line.



    Job Ticket

    The digital Job-Ticket contains all parameters for the electrical pre-adjustment of the
    machines for each order. Final adjustments made during start-up or on the run can be
    uploaded to the JOB OPTIMIZER database for future runs.



    Stream control & waste management

    The post press system is visualized through a touch panel on which main routes
    and back-up routes are defined for each order. Full synchronization guarantees automatic
    speed following & waste ejection.




    PALETTI is a pallet editor, real-time monitor and order execution system in one.
    It shows the sequence of pallets for each destination / run and each pallet is processed with the
    predefined amount of bundles.



    Total Copy Control TTC

    TTC has full control of all good & bad copies. For runs with several destinations an
    “end of destination” signal is calculated and sent to the press console in order to avoid overruns.



    Data collection & evaluation

    Production, waiting, preparation and down times as well as good & bad copies are
    collected automatically for each order. They are stored in a database and available for
    customized evaluation.



    Remote Maintenance

    The Post Press equipment is connected via Internet to a support server for fast remote
    diagnosis, real-time monitoring, SW-updates, settings of servos-drives, etc.


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