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    RS852 Trimmer


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      RS 851 Center Cut / RS 852 Cut-Off trimmer

    The RS 852 center-cut-off trimmer is designed for a trimming of a strip (w = 7-15 mm (0.28"-0.59"") in the center of the shingled stream. Also single products can be trimmed. The two split products are directed to the downstream equipment. The cut-off waste is exhausted by the suction system.
    The RS 851 center-cut trimmer is designed for a center trimming of a shingled stream. Also single products can be trimmed. This machine is especially suited to cut double-parallel products for a further finish in the book bindery (with a saddle stitcher or a book binder). The two split products are directed to the downstream equipment. There is no waste paper produced.
    Unique features like the infeed jogger with "Hexbrator Technology", "Integrated knife cooling" and "Zero-Gap Adjustment" guarantee a precise trim, a perfect run-out and maximum lifetime. Highest reliability, low knife prices and inexpensive resharpening minimize the operation costs. Despite being a completely closed machine with very low noise emissions, the wide opening guard offers perfect accessibility and visual control.



    • Completely encapsuled trimming modules to reduce the noise level
    • Hexbrator Technology, Multi-Knife-Technology, Zero-Gap-Adjustment
    • integrated knife cooling



    • Cold-Set Option
    • Trimming lower knife


    Technical Data

    Technical Data


    thicknessIcon Single product
    max. 6mm (0.24“)

    max. 6mm (0.24“)

    114 - 530 mm

    (4.49 - 20.87“)


    190 - 530 mm

    (7.49 - 20.87“)

    chadIcon RS 851: No paper waste

    RS 852: Width of the cut-out 7 - 15 mm
    productwidthIcon RS 851: 95 (3.74“) - 265 mm (10.43“)
    RS 852: 87 (3.43“) - 260 mm (10.24“)
    infeedheightIcon 800 mm (31.5“)

    max. 80 m/min

    (others on request)




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