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    Our rotary knife trimmers make millions of precision cuts daily. The tempered metal knives require only initial, low investment cost and offer superior trimming quality, inexpensive resharpening and quick knife exchange. Unique flexibility is provided by multi-knife technology. In all RIMA-SYSTEM trimmers, both tempered metal knives and segment knives can be used through simple knife exchange. In limited spaces it is often difficult to achieve processing solutions with single trimmers. That's where the RIMA-SYSTEM double stream trimmer with its two superimposed trimming stations, offers a new dimension. The space saving configuration provides for much improved accessibility and ease of operation.




    RS 815 / 825 - Single Trimmer RS 830 / RS 831 -
    Trimming Line
    RS 840 M / RS 840 A -
    Double Stream Trimmer
    RS 851 / 852 - Center Cut /
    Cut-Off Trimmer


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