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    PL-09 Clamp



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    The PL 09 clamp allows the pick-up, movement and palletizing of strapped logs. The operator manually moves the log clamp, which is fixed on a jib crane, a steel structure or on an air balancer and picks up the log on the delivery table of the log stacker. The up and down movements are motorized and controlled by the operator from the commands (buttons) mounted on the log clamp. Once the open log clamp is correctly placed on top of the log, the operator closes the log clamp and picks up the log. The operator can now manoeuvre the log (up and down electrically, left and right manually) to the pallet, place it into the right position and remove it.




    • Aluminium main frame 
    • Pneumatically operated clamping pads at both ends that move linearly 
    • Compression force adjustable through air pressure regulator 
    • Self centering 
    • Pneumatic controls at safety circuit opening and closing. The clamp can open only when the log is supported by an underlying surface. The push buttons controlling the clamp opening are disabled when the log is lifted 
    • Security commands with two-hand operation 
    • Complete with steel cables for attachment to a jib crane



    • Jib crane up and down push buttons integrated in the clamp control panel
    • Max. log length up to 1200 mm
    • Min. log length up to 500 mm



    Technical Data


    Technical data


    dimensionaIcon 120 - 320 mm
    (4.72" - 12.60")

    200 - 500 mm

    (7.87" - 19.69")

    barweightIcon max. 100 kg

    600 - 1000 mm

    (23.62" - 39.37")


    optional min. 500 mm - max. 1200 mm

    (19.69" - 47.24")


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