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    Investing in a new machine makes no sense? In this case a stock machine with the right price-performance ratio could be the right alternative. Have a look at our informative and well documented online used machines list. You will find e.g. trimmers, stackers, log stackers and palletizers from our own production or from third-party manufacturers. We have the same goal like when we trade with new machines: to solve your requirements with the use of reliable machines. In projects with limited budget, stock machines can be a sensible solution. Depending on the task and application we propose factory overhaul, standard overhaul or part overhaul. Our main focus is on machines from our own productions. These we know by heart and the advantages are obvious:

    • Everything out of one hand: purchase - overhaul - installation
    • All work is done in-house by trained professionals
    • Use of original parts and improvements
    • All overhauls are subject to strict quality rules including:
      • Dismantling at customer site, transport, storage
      • Disassembly and function test of all parts
      • Cleaning, replacement, improvements and reassembly
      • Installation, start-up, training on site

    Finally you get a result that only a serious supplier with specific Post Press know-how (but not a mere trading-platform) can offer:

    • Overhauled machines with long lifetime, high availability, reliable performance - if required with warranty
    • A complete package with a calculable, fair budget and without hidden costs (the "cheap" packages on the internet can easily become "very expensive")


    You are looking for a machine or have an actual project? The you can find the right solution in our:


    Stock Machines List


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    Or give us a call - we are happy to help you!



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