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    Thanks to years of experience and continous product development RIMA-SYSTEM stackers set new performance standards in commercial, newspaper, letterpress and gravure printing again and again. Whether a thin four-pager, newspaper in tabloid format or 128-page gravure product, our innovative compensating stackers provide efficient and cost effective solutions. The renowned reliability and minimal maintenance costs make the stackers economically attractive to thousands of customers worldwide. With more than 9000 sold units RIMA-SYSTEM has established itself as one of the most important suppliers of high quality stackers.

    All shingled stream stackers are also available as special versions for coldset and newspaper applications. For specific requirements RIMA-SYTEM offers non-compensating, vertical as well as horizontal stackers.






    RS 24 Kreuzleger Stacker RS 23S Kruzleger Stacker RS36S Kreuzleger Stacker
    RS 24 - Entry Compensating Stacker RS 34S - Standard Compensating Stacker  RS 36S - High-End Compensating Stacker
    RS51 Vertikalstapler Stacker    
     RS 51 - Vertical Stacker    






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