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    RS 220 / RS 221 Multiformat Bumpturn (Heavy-Duty Version)

    RS 240 / RS 241 Double Multiformat Bumpturn (Heavy-Duty Version)


    RS 220 Conveyor

     The bump turn realigns the products with an air assisted, adjustable bump plate - products which are running spine to the side are realigned spine leading e.g.
    The double-stream bumpturn consists of two superimposed multiformat bumpturn on one frame. Alternatively available is the RS 2715 (Eco Version).


    icon Product brochure_RS 220.pdf


    • Teleskopic infeed conveyor for centered product delivery 
    • Alternative left or right hand delivery
    • Independently adjustable drives for infeed and delivery conveyor
    • manual (RS 220/240) or motorized (RS 221/241) format adjustment
    • single version (RS 220/221) or double version (RS 240/241)


    • Straight-out delivery and / or underpass
    • Vacuum assisted delivery belt


    Technical Data


    RS 220 / RS 2715 


    infeedheightIcon variabel
    formatIcon A5 - A3
    velocityIcon 10-100 m/min 


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