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    RIMA-SYSTEM is offering the standard in bookbindery stacking and was e.g. the first manufacturer that released a stacker with flipper fingers and integrated stack compression. Over the years a complete range of bookbindery stackers has been developed and all of them have been integrated successful in bookbinderies worldwide. As an OEM partner of well-know suppliers of bookbindery machines, RIMA-SYSTEM is assembling many stackers for saddle-stitchers, perfect binders, foil-wrapping machines etc. each year. Easy operation, well-known reliability and minimum maintenance costs delight thousands of customers around the globe. This is one of the reasons why RIMA-SYSTEM is one of the leading suppliers of compensating stackers worldwide.


    All bookbindery stackers can be equipped with a multitude of options so they are perfectly suited for every application.


    For even more efficiency in the bookbindery the stackers can be combined with an RS 120 blocking unit or an RS 400 / RS 500 palletizing robot. Optionally foil-wrapping and strapping units can be integrated into the line. This allows a complete automation of the packagaing and palletizing process behind saddle-stitcher and perfect binders.






    RS 10S / 12S - Standard Bookbindery Stacker RS 11 - Entry Bookbindery Stacker RS 14 - Compensating Stacker for Small Products
    RS 15-Overview
    RS 33S - Compensating Stacker for Thick Products RS 15 - Mailing Stacker RS 400 - Palletizing Robot for Saddle Stitchers, Perfect Binders and Inserting Machines


    RS 500 - High-Speed Palletizing Robot for Saddle Stitchers, Perfect Binders and Inserting Machines RS 550 - De-Palletizing Robot for Bound and Stitched Products  




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