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    Coptip Industrie Grafiche increases flexibility and productivity

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    Düsseldorf, Germany — October 2018
    Coptip Industrie Grafiche, an important player in the italian printing sector, invests in state-of-the-art printing and post press technology. About one year before the 100th anniversary, Coptip lays the foundation stone for a productive and successful future.



    Looking for a post press solution to match the increased requirements in volume and flexibility, Coptip decided for the market leader RIMA-SYSTEM. The completely automated system has been designed and realized in close cooperation with Coptip, to ensure that all their individual demands are considered. Despite the restricted space (press was installed in an existing plant), a space-saving post press layout was developed that ensures optimal accessibility and ease of operation.



    Coptip Layout


    Flexibility and productivity on a new level


    From two folders the products are transported on up to four lines via overhead conveying systems into two space-saving RS 840 trimming lines. Latest trimming technology and carbide knives guarantee superior trimming quality and low maintenance costs. The trimmed products are then turned into stable stacks by completely servo-controlled RS 36S high-speed lift stackers (up to 180,000 cph). Finally the stacks can be strapped before running into the pick-up-stations of two RS 400 high-speed palletizing robots which put the bundles safely and smoothly on pallets. An intelligent divert gate system provides advanced backup solutions when not all lines are in use at the same time.

    The highly automated system allows for a significantly increased production volume and flexibility giving Coptip competitive advantages for the future.





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