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    18.04.2017 - Productivity Boost with Post Press Automation

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    Hess Print Solutions RIMA-SYSTEM























    Atlanta, USA — April 2017
    True to its founding principles, Hess Print Solutions remains a client-centric, solutions-focused and results-driven print communications partner to more than 1,000 active customers. It’s all about “Getting it done right, on time and on budget”. Following this strategy, HPS invested in a high performance press and post press solution which, according to Chris Kurtzman, President / Owner of CJK Group, Inc, results in an even higher level of productivity.



    The new solution replaces older press and post press technology. On the press side, a highly automated Lithoman with 75 inches web width was installed. The press delivers 64p products at 50.000 copies/h, 32p products at 100.000 copies/h and 16p signatures at 200.000 cph.


    Automation for the whole system

    On the back of the press, a completely automated post press handles the huge amount of signatures. Depending on the job, the press output will be transformed either into logs or stacks. Optionally, the products can be head/foot trimmed. When running the closed head fold (4 x 16p) delivered on the tab delivery, the head/foot trim gives an output of up to 200.000 16p magazine size products. The complete product handling through conveying, trimming and stacking is in-line and automatic. At the end of the stacking lines two robots handle the palletizing process. They identify the type of production, automatically choose the right gripper (log or stack gripper) and automate the whole palletizing process, including empty and full pallet processing. The ergonomic post press layout offers an optimized workflow with fast access to the main stackers and the easy interaction of press and post press operators.


    Press and Post Press communicate through an intelligent interface which gives a consistent automation level for the whole system, including automatic speed synchronization, waste control, good copy count and order status. The high degree of proven automation and the real-time communication between the Lithoman and RIMA-SYSTEM are two key advantages of this solution. They guarantee best performance and productivity and support the most efficient operation of press and post press.






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