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    27.02.2017 - Bonifatius with new system from manroland and RIMA-SYSTEM

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    Düsseldorf, Germany — February 2017
    The Bonifatius GmbH is a media company based in Paderborn, which was founded in 1869. It consisted of a printhouse, a bookstore, a book editor and publisher of catholic oriented magazines. Sole shareholder is the Franz-von-Sales foundation in Paderborn. The name Bonifatius stands for value-oriented products and services, for high-quality designs and intelligent solutions, always supported by a high claim for sustainability. “Just do good“ is the company’s trademark. 



    To be in accordance with this mission statement Bonifatius has invested in new printing technology which will be going in production in 2017. The highly automated complete system consists of a 16p Rotoman press and a complete Post Press solution from RIMA-SYSTEM. The flexibility of the system reflects the products which are offered to the customers of Bonifatius. Whether these are stacks of 3-side trimmed products, stacks of untrimmed products or strapped logs for finishing in the bindery – the configuration of the Post Press perfectly supports all these productions. A demanding challenge was the design of an accessible and ergonomic layout in the limited space available. The result is a layout along the machine which is only 3m wide and perfectly accessible thanks to two overhead conveying systems.



    The Post Press is configured as follows:

    A3 and A4 delivery are merged before running to the central waste ejection system. A stream aligner and a squeeze roller guarantee a flat, perfectly aligned shingle stream which is transported by an overhead conveying system to the trimming line. A divert gate allows products to bypass the trimming line and continue directly to the compensating or log stacker. Set up in a straight line behind the trimming line the RS 610 log stacker is equipped with an automatic log palletizer and a pallet conveying system. Thanks to the two sections of overhead conveying connecting the folder delivery with the trimming line (section #1) and to the log stacking area (section #2) all relevant floor areas are freely accessible – an important factor for one-man operation. To further support minimum manning, the whole system has been equipped with the electric size adjustment on all machines.


    In case of needed support the modern remote maintenance module of RIMA-SYSTEM offers quickest support to Bonifatius. Connected with the RIMA-SYSTEM support server the installation can be supported by a technician worldwide, checking every detail down to a single servo drive. The system is scheduled for start-up and production mid of 2017 and is already anticipated by all involved parties.




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