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    13.01.2017 - Janssen Pers upgrades rotations with RIMA-SYSTEM

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    Gennep, Netherlands — January 2017
    part of the De Jong group, has replaced and extended his existing Postpress equipment behind their Geoman and Colorman presses.



    In a first step the two deliveries of the Geoman press have been upgraded with a backup system, which enables the diversion of products to a backup compensating stacker in case of a machine failure in the main installation. The total availability of the Postpress is further increased, downtime reduced. The second part of the optimization includes the exchange of two existing newspaper stackers from a different supplier behind the Colorman press. An RS 3617SN lift stacker now turns the newspaper products at speeds of up to 85.000cph into stable bundles.

    A second, identical machine is providing a full in-line backup. In case of jams or maintenance on the first line a manual or automatic switch to line 2 is possible. Besides the increase in speed, Janssen Pers is especially happy about the reduced cost and time in maintenance.


    Janssen Pers is a long standing partner of RIMA-SYSTEM and is running a KBA C32 heatset press in addition to their coldset presses. The high-speed press is equipped with a fully automatic Postpress solution from RIMA-SYSTEM including two trimming and stacking lines and a robot palletizer which turn the printed material into perfect pallets with ready-to-go products.






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