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    06.01.2017 - The new Lithoman 80p at Baumann – again with Post Press from RIMA-SYSTEM

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    Düsseldorf, Germany — January 2017
    With the new 80p Lithoman, the site at Kulmbach will once again be strengthened with modern printing technology.


    "To be ahead in the highly competitive web offset market we must be able to offer a high quality standard and reliable deliveries at the usual market price." says Dirk Seidler, authorized officer and sales director of the MGO-printing companies. "Because of that we need the best partners for the press and the post press".



    This is the reason why Baumann Druck has decided for a fully automatic post press system from RIMA-SYSTEM behind their new Lithoman press.
    Core elements of the installation for the retail work are trimming, stacking and palletizing. These three main parts are perfectly solved. The trimming technology has three decisive advantages: trim quality, lifetime of the knives and lower costs. The stackers offer lowest cycle times, optimized stack quality with thin and difficult products and great accessibility thanks to a low build height. The RS 400 robot solution still is the fastest, most flexible and most reliable solution for loose and strapped stacks in Post Press.


    Strong partnership - The recent order is continuing a successful partnership which has started already at 2007 with the delivery of a Post Press system behind a Zirkon 8p press. In the following years Baumann installed complete solutions from RIMA-SYSTEM behind a Lithoman IIIS with 40p (2008) and a Lithoman IV with 64p (2011). In addition the existing post press line of a different supplier was optimized behind an 8p-Octoman press (2012). In the finishing department Baumann decided to cooperate for a crane palletizing solution with the Post Press supplier from Düsseldorf.

    The start-up of press and post press is planned for end of June in 2017.


    Impressions from the postpress system behind the 64p Lithoman IV at Baumann Druck (2011):





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