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    23.08.2016 - Sandhills Publishing adds automatic log stacking from RIMA-SYSTEM to improve efficiency

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    Atlanta, Georgia — August 2016
    Sandhills Publishing, headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, has decided to re-invest with Goss International. The new eight-unit, two web, 16-page Sunday 2000 press is connected to a fully automatic post press solution from RIMA-SYSTEM.



    "There's no point installing high performance press technology and not matching the capability in the post press area"


    Chris Lee, President of Sandhills Publishing.


    On the post press side the target was clearly defined and after a careful evaluation process, Sandhills decided to equip the new press with a fully automatic RS 610HS log stacking solution from RIMA-SYSTEM. In order to further optimize productivity in the press room, they also decided to exchange the basic stacking solution on their existing Sunday 2000 press from 2007 with an additional RS 610HS log stacker. After installation of the new press, they will have two almost identical systems, on the press side as well as on the post press side.

    Consistent log quality - especially important on short runs, ease of operation and a high degree of automation have been strong technical arguments in favor of the RIMA-SYSTEM solution. The post press system works fully synchronized with the press. Status, speed and waste signals are exchanged in real-time. The log stacking process of the RS 610HS is fully automatic – log building, log separation, log strapping as well as log palletizing do not need operator interaction. Equipped with servo drives and with a closed loop system the RS 610HS constantly sets the optimized build speed for the log, resulting in a unique log quality from the first log on.

    Automation is consistently implemented also on the palletizing side. The log palletizer is equipped with an empty pallet dispenser, automatic feeding of empty pallets and an automatic full pallet transport. Manual interaction is limited to refill the empty pallet dispenser and to pick-up the full pallets. Both log stacking systems are placed side by side to allow a one-man operation during most productions.
    "This installation will be part of a truly state-of-the-art operation in terms of post press efficiency and productivity," RIMA-SYSTEM Technical Director, Mike Volbeding, commented.





    Founded in 1978, Sandhills Publishing serves the trucking, agriculture, construction, heavy machinery, aviation, and technology industries with a diverse range of products and services from well-established trade publications and websites to hosted technology services. The company publishes around twenty different titles in a variety of localized editions, distributed principally in North and Latin America. The facility prints 24/7, five days a week, producing an average of 912,000 magazines/week.



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