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    21.08.2008 - CIVIEMME-SYSTEM takes over vertical log stackers!

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    21.08.2008 - CIVIEMME-SYSTEM übernimmt vertikale Stangenstapler

    For more than 20 years CIVIEMME has been the leader in vertical log stacking. Many printers have successfully equipped the backend of their presses with ST 220, ST 280, ST 420 and ST 8000 log stackers. For many years these machines defined the standard in vertical log stacking.

    Globalization, very volatile printing markets and the rapidly increasing complexity of post press solutions forced the printing plants to shift towards strong suppliers with a global presence, able to offer complete solutions and local service. In this change CIVIEMME – seen as a specialist for vertical log stackers - has suffered a strong loss of momentum. In the last couple of months the situation became increasingly difficult. On August 1st, 2008 CIVIEMME SPA has eventually terminated its operation.


    At the same time RIMA-SYSTEM has successfully evolved to a worldwide solution provider with superior solutions and a reliable local service through its worldwide Project Centers. Today RIMA-SYSTEM is recognized as the technology leader in most post press areas and together with its Project Centers and exclusive dealers RIMA-SYSTEM is committed to further improve its services and solutions for its customers.



    We are now very proud to announce that we will be able to offer you


    „The Best of Two Worlds – One Partner for CIVIEMME and RIMA-SYSTEM Solutions!“


    Starting August 1st, 2008 all RIMA-SYSTEM Project Centers will sell, service & support on a exclusive basis all CIVIEMME vertical log stacking solutions. Having two of the world leading post press technologies under one roof will be a great opportunity for all customers.


    21.08.2008 - CIVIEMME-SYSTEM übernimmt vertikale Stangenstapler

    This new and exciting situation has become possible by founding CIVIEMME-SYSTEM, a new Italian company which is part of the RIMA-SYSTEM group. The new company exclusively took over a branch of business from CIVIEMME including several employees. The day to day business at CIVIEMME-SYSTEM will be directed by the former and experienced Managers from CIVIEMME who will be supported by Mr. Klaus Kalthoff and Dr. Christian Tuebke as Managing Directors and by Dr. Gunnar Streidt as President. The new CIVIEMME-SYSTEM will generally work through the RIMA-SYSTEM Project Centers in Europe, USA & Canada and Asia which will sell the products from CIVIEMME-SYSTEM on an exclusive basis and grant service and support for this new product line as well as for the many CIVIEMME installations around the world.


    We are thrilled about this new opportunity, combining the skills and long term experience of CIVIEMME in the area of vertical log stacking and the strong market coverage of RIMA-SYSTEM – a combination which will be especially beneficial for all our customers around the world.


    Special thanks go to Rotolito Lombarda (floor and overhead conveyors, 2 x ST 420 log stacker with PL 86/dual palletizer), Roto3 (conveying, trimming, ST 420 log stacker with PL 86 palletizer) as well as RRD Poland (extension of the recently installed CIVIEMME installation with 2 x ST 420 log stackers), who already trusted in the new company by deciding for solutions from CIVIEMME-SYSTEM.


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