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    21.12.2015 - Big UK Printers choose RIMA-SYSTEM























    2015 has shown again that the vertical log stackers from RIMA-SYSTEM are the preferred bundlers in the UK market.
    No less than 5 different book and commercial printers installed the reliable machines in different applications.


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    10.4.2015 - Factory overhauled log stackers from RIMA-SYSTEM are first choice!


    So far countless customers have decided for log stackers from CIVIEMME-SYSTEM, which are still "state-of-the-art" as far as vertical log stacking is concerned. The compact build, easy operation and excellent log quaility is hardly matched by other models. Apart from the current generation of models, including the ST 2000, ST 4000 and ST 8000, used and overhauled models are extremely popular with printers. Especially the durability of the machines makes them ideal for a professional factory overhaul after which they work again extremely reliable and efficient.  

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    16.4.2015 - Successful start-up at Grafiche Mercurio


    Grafiche Mercurio, a printhouse located near Napoli in Italy has signed the contract for a complete Post Press solution from RIMA-SYSTEM in 2014. A few weeks ago the installation has been finished and the line has been put into production. Already the customer is very satisified with the performance of the whole system. The whole kit, including conveying, trimming, stacking line and palletizing robot had to be set up in a very compact way at the head of the Sunday 2000 press. Thanks to intelligent project planning all of the equipment is quick and easy to access and set up.

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